6 Foods for skin Fairness, You must try at home

6 Foods for skin Fairness, You must try at home

To be dark, we have a common problem of women. Due to different creams or lotions that are sold in expensive markets, they become increasingly sore but the effects of late goods are not good. These are in front of us in the form of effects, spots, thighs. Try to make sure the face of the face is as well as to try to keep it healthy and refreshing. The balanced diet performs best in this regard.

The effort to keep yourself from all kinds of mental stress and nervous stress as well poses a positive impact on your face. So balanced diet is considered very important for each one. But there are some foods that if you make part of your daily diet, it will make your face visible and the color will also be clean.

1. Fish: Tea fats such as tuna or salmon food are useful and useful for the body because when you eat fish, there are chairs of biotechnology and vitamin B in your body which are important in the body. This function is not only an important member of fatty acids but also plays an important role in maintaining body metabolism system as an active and active. The biotechnology also helps in keeping the asbestos clean.

2.Good milk: Omega-throat fatty acids present in this magical seed helps keep cells or cells in your body that protect your ashes and not only it, but it also provides asbestos natural moisture. With nutrients, nutritious and fatty acids of fatty acids are also available if you are a vegetable, then your food can be a good food mixture. Seeds mango naturally find ingredients that protect not only acne but also help in maintaining natural shine.

3. Thank you: Naturally, water is rich in thanksgiving, it gives you plenty of water, and protects your skin and other cells present in the body from the de-drainage (drainage). Therefore, specialist nutrition and expertise suggest that the use of sugar cream in your diet should continue, because the water available in it gives a lot of benefit to asbestos. The color is clean and it is naturally absorbed naturally. Vitamins A also has a significant amount of other vegetables, such as carrots, spinach and gourmet. The use of these vegetables brings headache and freshness in the skin. Instead of cooking carrot, sweet potato and spinach, if they are used to boil only then its positive results are soon.

4. Badam: Almonds in dry fruits are considered best for every face, almonds contain rich amounts of vitamins. And it plays an important role in developing Vitamin E Asin. Often women (especially working women) often face the skin's skin, and frequent sun block does not affect it, the vitamins in the almonds cause the skin of your face to be destroyed due to the sharp sunlight. It can also be said that the almonds can be the best of any sun screen.

5. Sunflower Seeds: These small small seeds of sunflower, like almonds, have a wide amount of vitamins that contribute to keeping asbestos healthy as well. So keep your sunflakes with almonds in your daily meals and then look at her amazing results on your face. Weather variations also affect the skin of the skin, and the cells are broken down, which also affect the face. Vitamins also help in rehabilitating and maintaining cells. Since the asbestos make freshness and nausea and the skin remains healthy.

6. Orange juice: Naturally Vitamin C is found in orange, it is beneficial to eat both food or its juice. It is beneficial for water and body. Orange juice does not suffer from water shortage. Being made, Vitamin C also plays an important role in making the skin in the body, which provides protein mainly to your body. Vitamin C in the organic juice also acts as an antioxidants that protect not only acne. But also saves skin cells from being destroyed


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