How much harm is rice for you at night, know what is important for your health

How much harm is rice for you at night, know what is important for your health
All food items have separate utility in them, they are beneficial for our body if they are eaten at appropriate amount and time. Experts say there is a fixed time for everything to eat. If this item is eaten at this appropriate time, not only makes it easy to digest, but it also benefits the body. Take the chocolate only. Some pieces of chocolate increase the quantity of antioxidants in the kitchen during breakfast. Slow down the process of growth. Chocolate disease diseases 

It is useful for you, but it will begin to store fat in excess of fatty fat, which will lead to many diseases including high blood pressure. Supporting the body and mind cells helps to bring good sleep. So, a glass of semi-hot milk is very useful for drinking at night. On the contrary, the breastfeeding system can become a burden on the patient, and the usual routine of your daily diet may be worse. The best time to eat the baby is in the day.

It improves the digestive system. But at nighttime, the meal may also be harmful. Especially if you are suffering from throat or coughing, avoid eating ghee in such a case. Always eat in the daytime food as it takes 5 to 6 hours to digest. If it is eaten at dinner, this system can become a burden on the skin. Always use it in evening or dinner as these systems help improve the digestion and reduce cholesterol. The dishes made by pulses between the morning breakfast or the day can be easily digestive and digestive. Many people eat rice at dinner, which causes obesity.

The best time to eat rice is in the afternoon. Avoid using potatoes in eight meals. The use of sugar-made items causes calorie increase, and it is better to eat sweet things before evening so that it becomes digestive during the daylight. Use dry fruits all day long to eat you will not be able to increase your weight.

However, it is believed that dry fruits such as almonds, pistachios, walnuts, etc. are full of nutrition, so they should avoid eating at night. Avoid eating empty stomach in the morning orange. Eating morning, nourishing food can cause allergies in the body. Food can be used in food or any part of the day, which can improve your skin. Banana or dinner can be caused by banana food. This is also for apple, in the morning breakfast, an apple food can be saved from the doctor and forced to go to the doctor at night.

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