If you are looking for a long time, just start doing one thing from today

If you are looking for a long time, just start doing one thing from today
It is a very attractive attitude in human personality by keeping the smile on the face, but with the secret of long life it is hidden.

Experts say that happiness and smile have a very useful impact on human health and those people who smile at all times, despite the worsening of financial disadvantages, health disorders, and domestic issues, more than others get aged

During the course of 30 years, the inquiry of Carolina's counselors asked more than 30,000 people, who were asked about what you say about your current situation, are you so happy? Or life is so pleasant? ... or you are sad and unhappy with your situation ....?

The record of death deaths during research was also analyzed, which revealed that people who are unhappy and sad, lose their chances of reducing their life and smiling 14% more than happy people.
Experts say that economics for economical long-term economic protection, when preserving violence and violence-free life and doctors on a chronologist, are considered important for health, but an important element like happiness is ignored.

In the age of age and happiness Explaining the relationship, experts say that the happier people have the ability to cope with the difficulties themselves and their rightfulness is also broader because of which it simply makes them easier to share their pain. It is also helpful in coming out of difficulties due to friendliness.

 Providing attractive income, crime-free environment and basic health facilities definitely ensure protection and fitness, but these things are not guaranteed to keep the person happy. According to the study of America's Los Angeles University, the habit of laughing in the body? ¿Creating the loss of hormone producers, Dr. Lee Burke says that the less stress you are, the less your memory It is better to laugh and increase the risk of chemical hormones like endofen and famine in the mind, which cause matritation and other positive emotions, so people should be laughing smile because these stresses? ¿Or psychological therapy for depression people. Is more useful than ever.

Experts say that governments should also take steps to provide public chemistry, improvement in lifestyle and provide the best medical facilities, which they get happiness and satisfaction and it is necessary for people to bring each other closer. To increase social activities and increase the beauty and vegetation of the cities, such steps will help people to get rid of mental stress and escape on the path to a peaceful and pleasant life.


  1. very interesting. Being happy and being grateful is our own decision and it is something that we must always keep in mind


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