Only a few nights of bad sleep can affect your mental health

Only a few nights of bad sleep can affect your mental health
According to Britain's Sleeping Sleep Council, citizens in the country sleep at least six and a half hours in the night, which is inaccessible to most people. According to the BBC doctor Michael Mozley, in many investigations, it has come to light that due to intentional or other reasons, if the shortage of sleep reduces serious consequences on the body. Why hunger than lack of sleep? It seems like the secret of real happiness, free time or worldly goods? Due to a few nights of sleep, the quantity of sugar in sugar is worsened, resulting in increased food and excessive food, and it also has bad effects on our DNA.

 According to Dr. Simon Archer, as a doctor, a few years back to Surrey, a university who had been told to volunteers to reduce sleep for one hour for one hour. According to Dr. Simon Archer, assistant in reducing sleep deficiency, resulting in an hour of sleep in the night resulted in the effects of 500 volunteers involved in this research.

It is obvious to have negative effects on our body due to the lack of sleep, but how it affects our mental health. According to Dr. Simon Archer, there was a limited experience in the University of Oxford, in which we included volunteers who usually used to sleep. We attached devices with them so that their sleep can be monitored.

In the first three nights of our research we gave them eight hours of sleep without any disaster. And on the next three nights, we restricted his sleep for four hours. Every day volunteers solved a questionnaire designed to change their attitude and feelings. For us, Sarah Rio, a student of the datatrage program, was surprised to see how quickly the change in volunteer behavior happened. According to Sarah Rio, anxiety, mental stress and frustration of volunteers involved in research, increased mental emotions and non-confidence in other galleries, "It only happened due to lack of sleep for three nights and This is quite impressive. '

He said that three out of four volunteers described this experience as unpleasant, but a volunteer Josh said he was almost completely impressed by him. 'According to Dharmarkar he is completely alright,' he said. Not happy nor rude nor any pressure or any other problem. 'This experience has shown a lot of results as a result of a bad sleep of three night’s decreased positive emotions and negative feelings began to increase. And although volunteer is completely alright, but the effect is that he has begun to be mentally problematic.

According to Daniel Fryman, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Oxford, said that due to disruption in sleep, bad effects on the brain are encouraged to repeatedly affect negative thoughts. They said sleep Due to lack of deficiencies come more negative thoughts and we connect with them. He said that one or three of the three people have to face difficulties in sleep, and perhaps five to ten percent of the general population are facing anxiety and also deal with many people, but they also The risk of mental health problems increases. According to Professor Norbot Shows of Psychology in the University of Southern California, 'The increase of annual income in annual income will not be paid daily daily as an hour additional Sleep, take good sleep.

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