Stop worrying about small tall, follow these things and see the difference

Stop worrying about small tall, follow these things and see the difference

Man's height is an important part of his personality. The best and effective method of talling is the right exercise and balanced diet. Exercise exercises thinning and strengthen while using proper diet those hormones can be characterized by heightening the height of the body. But if the body does not get proper diet or exercise, then there is an increase in the risk of stomaching. The following exercises can help you to increase your height. Give them 2-3 days a week.

 Graving gravity affects your height and compounds your joints and spinal cord. By hanging this effect can be reduced. Anyone holding a rod or high object to the lower part of the ci body, leads to the spinal cord. This process can increase from one to two inches to the height. However, its effect does not begin to appear immediately.

Would happen A place where your body gets to move forward.
Swimming on your head emphasizes the lower part of your backyard. First of all, take your arms back to the stomach for this exercise. Turn your arm and turn the butterflies towards the ground. Do right to your left-hand Arm up Keep the legs in the right direction as long as possible. Take it for 4 seconds in a position, repeat the same process with your other arm and leg. Try to take the practice from 4 seconds to 20 seconds. Only your height will grow, but your body will also come in the shapes.

Cobra Stretch This spinal exercise strengthens your spinal cord. It causes muscle flexibility. Turn your face towards the ground and lay it down on the ground. Keep the heels on the ground. Take your waist with the help of the stomach. And keep the face in front of it. Do not shake the legs. Drag the waist and the backbone as they can backwards. Similarly, stay up to 5 to 30 seconds, then bring the body to the first position. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times. Twist Twist can be of many types. The easiest way is to lay down the waist of the waist. Turn the knees and place the feet on the ground. Catch the left knee with the right hand, drag both knees to the right and then Just drag the right knee from the left and drag it on the left.

Pillows Shift This is a very easy and easy way to get stretch in your body. This exercise is very useful in making a cup of coffee. It comes from your body to the skin. Lift on the other side of the camera. Take your feet straight to the hole. Turn your waist up and turn it up and move it upwards. Keep it in position for 20 to 30 seconds. It will also be flexible in the body.


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