You can start using honey from such a charitable benefits of eating honey

You can start using honey from such a charitable benefits of eating honey

Honey is useful for raising your diet sweetness but is also useful in health. You may not know honey, but honey is also the best thing to keep the body healthy and to hurry the skin. I'm also bestowed on it. Here are some of the benefits that you may not know.

Transparent skin Honey is a great anti-oxidant that allows it to reduce the amount of poisonous food to the body, while its bacterial properties help make the skin transparent and better.
Physical weight loss .. If you are worried about growing, medical experts suggest that you remove sugar-made sweet dishes from diet, but add honey. The reason for this is that sweetheart in honey differs from sugar that improves metabolism and is essential for reducing physical weight.

Low cholesterol level .. Honey is not cholesterol, but it is rich in 4 ingredients and vitamins that reduce the level of harmful cholesterol for health. Daily honey foods are beneficial to maintain levels of antioxidants 4 that fight additional cholesterol. Healthy heart-proof research has proven that antioxidants in honey prevent from stirring the dead, The brittle bacterial movement causes heart failure, memory loss, or headache, however, with 2 glasses of glass every day, it is effective to use honey to save it.

Better memory.. Some medical research reports have proven the ability to fight honey's mental conflicts, which reinforces the defense system that helps improve memory. It removes the calcium brain easily removed from honey, which has a beneficial impact on mental functions.
good sleep.. Sweetheart present in honey increases the level of insulin in the blood, which eliminates a chemical serotonin that changes into a hormone called malotonein, which is essential for good sleep.

Beneficial for the stomach .. Due to bacterial stomach, the empty stomach protects a spoon honey from many diseases that are associated with digestive system. The honey going to the stomach removes the germs and also causes small wounds inside the body. In addition to the prevention of rheumatic bleeding, honey also performs the function of a bactericular drainage solution which causes sore throat. I can benefit.

Mix one tea spoon in a half cup of water, mix one or two lime and a tea spoon honey, it may reduce the throat pain from the mixture.

Remove the head of the head. Washing honey from honey can save the head from the head, its use causes moisture restoration, which reduces the risk of the drug. To save headache, mix thin honey in hot water and then massage it for two to three minutes on the head.


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